Natural and, above all, healthy food is the most important element of maintaining good physical and mental condition of our four-legged friends. Attention should also be paid to appropriate rewards, which are extremely important in the training process and allow you to reward your beloved pets without worrying about their health.


The diet of our pets must be based on balanced nutrients as well as provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Be sure to choose high-quality foods that contain proper amounts of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. That’s just how the RAW PALEO foods are. Among other dog food companies, RAW PALEO stands out with the right recipes for different dog groups. We will find foods dedicated to adult dogs and puppies. Special recipes have also been developed for individuals in need of reduced calorific value. The success of RAW PALEO is precisely this diversity and openness to the individual needs of different dogs.

  • Proteins are essential for building the animal’s muscles. By providing dogs with the right quality of meat, fish and eggs, we ensure their healthy development;
  • Fats are very important especially for healthy skin and coat of our four-legged friends. Fats present in fish and vegetable oils improve the condition of our pet, as too dry skin leads to many unpleasant diseases;
  • In order to provide dogs with energy, we should also give them carbohydrates. Of course, we must pay attention to their quantity and quality, because we must remember to avoid obesity in the pet. The right source of carbohydrates for healthy energy is barley as well as vegetables and fruits;
  • In order to maintain the overall health of our dogs, it is important to give them supplements containing vitamins and minerals. In some diets, supplementation is even necessary due to deficiencies of individual ingredients.

An important element of the nutrition of our pets, regardless of the diet we choose, is taking care of the individual needs of dogs, taking into account their age, weight, physical activity and possible allergies or diseases.


Cats are mainly carnivorous animals. For this reason, the cat diet should be based on high amounts of animal protein. Remember to always choose foods adapted to the age of the cat. The diet of our furry friends must contain the right proportions of nutrients. The success of RAW PALEO in cat foods is the simple composition that stands out in the industry. A short list of extremely healthy ingredients distinguishes RAW PALEO among other food producers. It is extremely important to ensure that cats have access to fresh water. The diet of kittens should also be rich in taurine, omega-3 fatty acids and a small amount of carbohydrates.

  • Cats as carnivores need a high protein content in their diet. High-quality meat must be the main component of their food;
  • Taurine is an essential element for the development of kittens. Cats, unlike other animals, must receive it with food, so you should always make sure that the food you give is properly balanced. Meat is a natural source of taurine, especially the heart and liver. Taurine is extremely important for cardiovascular function and eyesight of our pet;
  • Water is a source of life for cats as well as for all organisms. Kittens often do not drink enough, so the task of each owner is to encourage their kitten to do so. Wet food helps in proper hydration much more than dry one, but special attention should be paid to how much our cat drinks during the day. For particularly reluctant individuals, there are various forms of water dispensers on the market, which are a kind of fountains. Such bubbling water can attract the kitten’s attention and encourage him to drink much more than a classic bowl;
  • Carbohydrates are often a controversial element of a cat’s diet, as they definitely do not need too much of them. Of course, to improve the kitten’s mood and add energy, we can give them carbohydrates, but in a much limited amount, because excess can lead to large problems with obesity.


Rewards are a very important element in building a good relationship between the owner and the pet. They also have their special task in improving the behavior of our pet. The problem, however, is the choice of treats suitable for health. We need to think carefully about which will be the most appropriate. The perfect reward will be pieces of raw, dried meat or raw vegetables or fruits. There are many healthy snacks available on the market, rich in nutrients and adapted to the needs of animals.

Healthy dog rewards

  • Vegetables: carrots, celery, seedless apples are delicious and low-calorie snacks;
  • Lean meat: Boiled skinless chicken breasts will be the perfect reward for your dog.

Healthy Cats Rewards

  • Boiled, lean meat: chicken or turkey;
  • Pieces of fish: salmon or tuna in small quantities will definitely please all cats;
  • Special treats dedicated to cats: you will find them in every pet store, but make sure that they are low in carbohydrates.

Overweight in both dogs and cats in recent times is a growing problem. Healthy delicacies, carefully selected and adapted to the animal’s lifestyle and activity, will definitely help to avoid this problem.

Regardless of the circumstances, always remember that each animal is different and requires an individual diet. Both daily feeding and rewards in the form of treats must be properly balanced. The health and happiness of our pets depends entirely on the responsibility of the owners.