Healthy lifestyle is currently very popular not only among people. We also focus on providing our four-legged friends with the highest quality food, proper vitamins and minerals. We care about providing pets with entertainment and appropriate delicacies. Nowadays, it is possible to notice a trend consisting in the increase in the popularity of super premium foods. It is distinguished by a composition that seems to exceed standard expectations. What are the secrets behind the production of this exclusive food?

To begin with, it is worth defining what super premium food really is. It is a type of pet food that is characterized by the highest quality of ingredients, usually meeting specific nutritional standards. RAW PALEO from VetExpert is natural food for dogs and cats, which has been created with the selected ingredients of the highest quality. Super premium foods often come from local sources, which is supposed to emphasize the care for the environment and animal health.


The secret of super premium food production is the distinctive process of selecting natural ingredients. Top quality food manufacturers work with animal nutritionists, food safety experts and veterinarians. Using their knowledge and experience, top-notch pet food companies produce healthy and delicious food. The team of specialists carefully selects all ingredients, such as meat, fruits, vegetables, as well as additives in the form of prebiotics or omega-3 fatty acids. Returning to the roots is crucial to ensure comprehensive and balanced nutrition.


The composition of food itself is not the only secret of modern nutrition. Advanced food processing technology is equally important in the production of super premium food. It enables preservation of the nutritional value of the ingredients. The best companies on the market use innovative methods such as low-temperature drying or minimal processing techniques. In this way, they avoid the loss of nutrients that are so important in healthy animal nutrition. The food keeps freshness and all values, which translates into better health and condition of the animals.

Strict quality control of production ensures the highest quality of nutrition and is the basis for its creation. It is obvious, that in order to select the best ingredients, they must be carefully tested beforehand. A huge number of tests carried out by the best manufacturers on raw materials and finished products gives such possibility. Manufacturers controlling the composition and the presence of impurities guarantee the best quality of the food. The taste and smell are also subject to control, thanks to which food is not only healthy but also tastes particularly good to animals, and taste and smell are the best incentive for them. Super premium pet food manufacturers often work with external laboratories to provide an independent evaluation of their products. The certificate of the highest pharmaceutical quality GMP is a guarantee of the manufacturer of RAW PALEO foods from VetExpert.


The constant search for new solutions affecting animal health is one of the most important prerequisites for the production of super premium feed. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals as well as prebiotics is an important addition in the production process. Carefully selected antioxidants meet the individual needs of different breeds. It is also important to work on specific age groups of animals. Manufacturers are also involved in research on the implementation of ingredients that have a positive effect on the health of joints, digestive system or hair.

The ecological aspect of super premium food production should also be borne in mind. Companies producing this type of food are often involved in sustainability issues. They support local communities by promoting packaging recycling and investing in renewable sources of energy. They also care about the ethical origin of ingredients, eliminating those of animal origin from inappropriate breeding or meat industries. RAW PALEO from VetExpert is 100% Polish, but known in 40 countries around the world. 


An equally important secret of the highest quality is the price of super premium food. The high prices of super premium foods result from the quality of the ingredients, as well as the costs of advanced technologies, research, quality control and ethical and ecological obligations. Maintaining quality at the highest level, and constantly striving to update knowledge in this field, requires huge financial resources that must be incurred by the manufacturer. Investing in superpremium food is therefore not only a concern for the health of the animal, but also a contribution to the development of responsible industrial practices.

The production of super premium food is an extremely complex process, which is based on carefully selected ingredients, rigorous controls, innovative technologies as well as quality and ethical principles of operation. RAW PALEO was created from love for animals, because they, as family members, deserve the best. RAW PALEO is not only a way to meet the growing expectations of pet owners, but also a response to the growing needs for healthy and balanced nutrition of our pets. The care and commitment of the RAW PALEO manufacturer is what makes it unique. The secrets of super premium food production are not only a recipe for delicious food – it is also a commitment to creating a better world for animals and the environment.